About Us


We understand innovation and professionalism

ORAPULO LIMITED was established to carry out construction, environmental and procurement activities as well as marine logistics both in the public and private sectors. The company’s major activities are focused on construction, environmental, marine, oil and gas industry.

Supported technically by major construction and engineering companies globally, the company is equipped with modern and standard working materials both in Human and materials resources in all areas of her operations. Based in Nigeria, ORAPULO LIMITED is in partnership with other well established companies globally in the areas of construction and other technical services in the oil and gas industry.

ORAPULO LIMITED also provide services such as supply and distribution of safety, chemical, technical, lease and hire of marine equipment.


ORAPULO LIMITED is a service oriented company which is why we recognize and apply the principles of safety, quality control, cost effectiveness, time management and efficiency in all project we execute.

We have qualified and highly experienced team of dedicated environmental, civil, chemical and geological engineers. We also have a team of highly experienced administrators and HSE officers, some of whom have extensive working times in the oil and gas industry as well as other sectors in Nigerian economy.

We are familiar with languages and customs of most major ethnic groups particularly in oil producing communities in Nigeria. We also have proven methods in acquiring cycle management.


ORAPULO LIMITED is run by goal driven, experience and highly resourceful staff from top to bottom. Our management staff are Nigerians with extensive working experience spanning a period 5 – 10 years in various sectors of the Nigeria economy.

Human resource is our most valued asset. We believe that getting the right people to handle the right task is the most productive way of achieving our set goals, which is why we involved well-train staff from management to operative, according to their areas of training.

Our manpower recruitment are met with standard recruitment practice. We make sure that our staffs are of sound professional standings.


We are built as an organization to be creative, innovative and timely in problem solving, thoughtfulness and resourcefulness.


Our values are showcased in our behavior and responsibility to our stakeholders.